Mastering Android Development Framework with Design Pattern

Tuesday 1:30 pm, Room 2

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Language : Myanmar

Object-oriented principals and Design patterns play important role in learning Android Application Development because Android use them heavily in their Framework. If you know OO Principals and Design pattern used in Framework, it can make your learning curve moving faster and extend your knowledge wider. I will discuss these OO Principals and Design Patterns for learning Android Application Development. This topic will be for all levels who want to master Android Framework.

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Thiri Win

Thiri Win is a Tech Enthusiast lecturer from GUSTO College . She has over 8+ years’ teaching experience in Programming, Web and Mobile Application Development in higher education and IT professional short courses. She is always eager to learn new technologies and up to date with the latest development tools.

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Tin Mg Mg Yin

Tin Maung Maung Yin is Senior Lecturer and Executive Director at GUSTO College. He has 12-year teaching experience in Programming, Mobile App Development, Database Development, System Analysis and Design and Software Architecture. He conducted his first Android Development Training in 2011 which is one of the first Android training in Myanmar. Passionate in learning and teaching new technologies.

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