ML Kit: Machine Learning for Mobile Developers

Tuesday 11:30 am, Room 2

About This Talk

ML Kit comes with a set of ready-to-use APIs for common mobile use cases: recognizing text, detecting faces, scanning barcodes, labeling images and recognizing landmarks. You simply pass in data to the ML Kit library and it will give you the information you need - all in a few lines of code.

ML Kit gives you both on-device and Cloud APIs, all in a common and simple interface, allowing you to choose the ones that fit your requirements best. The on-device APIs process data quickly and will work even when there’s no network connection, while the cloud-based APIs leverage the power of Google Cloud Platform’s machine learning technology to give a higher level of accuracy.

If ML Kit’s APIs don’t cover your use cases, you can always bring your own existing TensorFlow Lite models. Just upload your model on to Firebase, and we’ll take care of hosting and serving it to your app. ML Kit acts as an API layer to your custom model, making it easy to run and use.

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Jirawat Karanwittayakarn

Jirawat is a software developer with over 10 years of experience. He currently works at LINE Thailand, as a Technology Evangelist. Since discovering Firebase, he has spent most of his time learning about Firebase. He lives in Bangkok, Thailand where he is actively involved in the local Firebase community such as speaking at conferences, writing blog posts and creating code samples all over Thailand. He also founded the largest Thailand Firebase developer group with over 8,000 members. His passion is to help developers learn and adopt new mobile development methodologies and frameworks like Firebase.

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