Motion Layout : Make your apps move auto-magically

Tuesday 10:30 am, Room 2

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Language : Myanmar

Making transitions in Android is not very simple and usually ends up with headaches. But now, MotionLayout comes out. It is an extended version of ConstraintLayout and simple transitions can be done only with XML. So how about complex ones? MotionLayout supports very simple APIs to work with.

Who don’t want to make apps beautifully, meaningfully and most importantly - easily? I am sure you might not afraid of seeing transitions while designer’s handoff.

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Lin Min Phyo

I am an Android Developer currently making all Android stuffs Better HR team of nexlabs. I have been working with Android for more than 4 years now. Also, UI/UX stuffs are done during my leisure times. I love to help people, both developers and users, solve real problem and make them happy.

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