Effective DI for Multi Module Project

Tuesday 10:30 am, Room 3

About This Talk

Dividing the module of a Monolithic Android app to realise multi-module application is considered as an important concern in recent Android development.

This session distils all the pitfalls and best practices in building a complex app and take a look at the usefulness of multi-module application and how we implemented Dependency Injection in our consumer app at Gojek(superapp.is)

Some of the highlight points of this session are :

  • Reintroduction to DI
  • Reintroduction to Dagger-Android
  • DI in single module projects
  • DI hotness in multi-module projects
  • Realise DI in multi-module projects using Dagger2


Gojek Consumer app is largely serving 18+ services daily to millions across SE Asian countries. This talk is focussed on a complex multi-module project and how to manage dependencies with DI

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Adit Lal

Adit is a Product Engineer-Android at GoJek, Indonesia. He works as an Android engineer and is very passionate about scaling products on multiple platforms. He is working in the industry for close to 6 years and is also a Kotlin enthusiast and promoter.


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